Who We Are

 Founded in 2021, The Jenz Co was born from the creative aspirations of two inseparable best friends, Janelle and Zen. Our shared creative aspirations ignited our journey, where we breathed life into our fashion dreams. 

Initially, we each operated our bag-selling businesses. However, driven by our shared passion for fashion and shopping, we made the decision to merge our resources and establish "The Jenz Co”. 

The name “Jenz” not only echoes the simplicity of 'Jan' but also encompasses a touch of ‘Zen’ into its spelling, rendering it a heartfelt choice. Our intention is to keep it uncomplicated, ensuring it remains impressionable to all. 

We both believe that live selling is not just a way to sell products; it’s a way to build relationships, foster trust, and create wholesome brand experiences. 

Our customers are entertained by the seamless collaboration and chemistry between us, and it warm our hearts to know that our customers delight in our gentle banter we share across our platforms. 

At Jenz, our mission is to provide our cherished customers with quality products at reasonable prices, such as arm candies, the latest fashion, etc. Furthermore, we are also dedicated to curating and testing holy grail beauty products to empower our customers to make informed investments in their beauty routines. 

We also take pride in designing and crafting exclusive bag designs tailored to our customers' preferences while staying abreast of the latest fashion trends. 

Tune in to our live sessions (Tuesdays to Fridays) to experience it first hand at: 

TikTok: jenzsg

Facebook: jenz.sg

Instagram: thejenzco